Kaldor Art Projects

In a 40 year pioneering tradition, Kaldor Art Projects has been responsible for bringing groundbreaking international art installations to the Australian public.

Ever since Christo and Jeanne-Claude were invited to create Wrapped Coast - One Million Square Feet in Sydney in 1969, KAP has created events that significantly changed the understanding of contemporary art in Australia.

Kaldor Art Projects continues to play a unique role in exposing Australian audiences to influential art projects and the latest trends in international art. KAP's local engagement with leading and emerging international artists has fostered an appreciation of Australia in the wider international art community.

From Jeff Koons to Christo, Gilbert and George to Urs Fischer, each artist has been supported to create unique, site-specific works that have been enthusiastically received by the art world and the general public alike.

In 2003 Kaldor Art Projects was granted charitable status in recognition of its long-term contribution to the cultural life of Australia, heralding a new chapter in its growth. This has enabled the transformation of KAP as the personal endeavour of John Kaldor, to its evolution into a growing organisation with the ability to develop and facilitate major projects on a regular basis.

Kaldor Art Projects' goal is to build on the successes of the past with an extended program of ground-breaking projects, through which it will share its passion for contemporary art with the Australian public.

Kaldor Art Project has supported:


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Kaldor Art Projects, Bondi Beach, Sydney 28.09.2007-21.10.2007